Sasquatch Music Festival


Hosted proudly On First Nations Sməlqmíx / Syilx Territory Similkameen Valley

Wine Tours


Float with Sasquatch

Our river float Saturday from 12 till 4 will be nothing short of truly an amazing experience.

The Similkameen river is a fast-flowing exciting ride thru the Valley, one of Canada’s nicest picturesque landscapes to travel by way of a floating device.  Pack a lunch & grab your beverages because we are out all day before returning to a deluxe BBQ dinner before we kick off the Saturday Night at Sasquatch

You agree by participating in these activities that you are waiving any legal responsibilities of Sasquatch.

  • You are attending at your own risk.

River Float

Shuttle service
Guided Trail Rides

Search for Sasquatch

Sunday from Noon till 8 take a guided tour of Sasquatch territory by horseback, we will go thru the valley and up the mountain looking for a very real mythical creature that tends to find its home here in the Similkameen Mountain. We leave the stable every hour until 8pm

You do not need any experience to ride – we welcome people of all levels and experiences and will cater the ride to suit the riders.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED as we only saddle up the horses for bookings.  We believe it is unkind to leave them saddled and tied all day.

Waivers must be signed prior to riding. Parent/legal guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 19. No exceptions. Our horses are well-trained and we will do our best to take care of you, but there are multiple risks to horse-back riding that are beyond our control. Please keep your hands on the reins/saddle horn at all times.

You agree by participating in these activities that you are waiving any legal responsibilities of Sasquatch.

  • You are attending at your own risk.

Search for Sasquatch event pass

Includes the river float and horseback ride

River Float

Shuttle service

Horseback Trail Rides

Guided trail rides

Workshop: Stay Calm and Rave On!

Specially designed for and immediately useful for festival-goers. Party smarter by learning easy ways to befriend your own nervous system. 

Sometimes you get stressed by a setback; losing a friend or your stuff or worse. This might affect your experience and those that are with you. It’s hard to move on sometimes and come back into the moment at festivals and in life. 

You can easily re-set yourself to return more quickly to being present and having fun if anything throws you off and you stop enjoying the moment.  

Drop in for 10 minutes or stay for the whole workshop and you will pick up something useful for this festival and in your daily life. 

Learn essential life hacks and tools that you will use regularly to re-center and restore your balance whenever you need to. 

It’s a fun, interesting, helpful, and interactive workshop to attend! 



Robyne has been body moving, expressing, and exploring since just a wee tot. With a background in dance and Figure skating (including 10 years as a competitive coach), Yoga seemed like a natural step. (200YTT)  Robyne has taken her love of movement into her sequencing always creating classes that truly are for EVERYBODY. From the International waters of Belize at the International Yoga fest in Belize City.  To the country clubs and community studios and yes even theaters in Richmond BC she is always looking to share her passions and knowledge of breath work Chakra balancing paired with movement truly being one of the best natural healers.

Join me and allow me to take you on a journey where you can soar with me through the Asanas Vinyasa style or stay grounded and meditate with a gentle hatha. (yogi’s choice)
  I am excited and honored to be a part of your experience at Sasquatch.

Sept 02 > 05 - 2022

About the Festival

Hosted proudly On First Nations Sməlqmíx / Syilx Territory 
Similkameen Valley